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For 20 years, Ad Graphics was the longest running advertiser in NSA’s SPEAKER magazine.

Serving the professional speaking industry for over thirty years

As Larry's speaking career progressed, he started spreading the word that if you want to make money as a speaker, you have to have products to sell, and BOOKS have to be your main product. It was Larry that introduced me to the National Speakers Association.


Here we are approaching our 33rd year in business. Barb and I have designed over 400 books for over a few hundred professional speakers. Ad Graphics is one of the longest-running advertisers in NSA's Professional Speaker Magazine.


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Larry Winget

Our first client dating back to March 1990


The book didn't make Larry rich, but it created an enormous profit center for him. Larry soon started compiling quote books, success books, sales books and even teamed up with other NSA colleagues to create PRODUCTS for back-of-room sales. Within a few years, he had over a dozen books, all designed by Jim & Barb Weems of Ad Graphics.

Ad Graphics began as a graphic design company March, 1990. Our second invoice was to RoseTec, a commercial telephone equipment company owned by Rosemary and Larry Winget. This was the time in Larry's life were he was making some major career changes that would eventually lead him into the world of professional speaking.


You can't separate the beginnings of Ad Graphics and Jim Weems's design career from the start of Win Seminars and Larry Winget's speaking career.


After a few years of of producing various marketing material, Larry decided he needed to become a published author. I designed the "Ya Gotta's for Success". This was my first book project — as well as Larry's.